A loving new home

04 December 2015

The kittens (now known as Margo and Leo) are doing very well and have grown rapidly! Given their semi feral start in life and not being rehomed until they were 4 months old, we think they have adapted to "home" life very well. Margo is very affectionate and so is Leo though always on his own terms! He comes to us but doesn't like it the other way around. They still don't like being picked up for very long and Leo prefers to walk away when approached but every week we are making progress with ...

Volunteer Cat Trapper needed

08 April 2014

Hi. Do you have some spare time and your own transport? We're looking for someone to help our volunteer trapper, and possibly take over from him. The role involves responding to a call about a stray or feral cat, taking the trap out to the location, setting it, then returning when word comes that the cat is trapped, or returning regularly to see if the cat is trapped. You would then transport it to one of our local vets. If you would like more information ...