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Second Chance for Squirrel

08 November 2019

Update: A Second Chance for a Cat called Squirrel You may remember back in January, we told you about a bedraggled stray cat who was found in a playhouse in the playground at Squirrel’s Heath Infant school in Romford. He was named Squirrel after the school and the children made him some lovely Get Well cards. At the time Squirrel was emaciated and suffering from a heart problem and severe arthritis. He was adopted by Kathleen, one of the fosterers who helped to rescue him. ...

Leia and Luna

15 August 2019

We received this lovely story from the family who adopted April and Breeze from us We adopted our 2 beautiful cats at the end of July last year. The adoption process was easy enough and everyone involved was so helpful. We met the cats at the foster home prior to their adoption. It gave us a chance to see them in their familiar environment. My children wanted to rename the cats so April and Breeze became Leia and Luna. When they came home to live with us they were obviously very scared. ...

How Facebook helped cat owner regain his Mojo!

08 June 2018

No, Peter hadn’t lost his motivation, it was far worse – he’d lost his beloved cat Mojo. When young Mojo the tabby tom went missing recently his owner was horrified to discover that, due to an oversight by the vet, Mojo was not microchipped after all meaning they might never be reunited. Peter and his family tried everything possible to find Mojo - leafleting, knocking on doors and anxiously searching the streets for any signs of him - all ...