A sad story for Gretel

04 August 2017
A sad story for Gretel There was a sad end to a rescue by Cats Protection’s Gwent branch after receiving a pregnant stray from a local caravan park.

Gretel was found along with four older kittens. Volunteers trapped the family of cats and put them into the branch’s care. With a new fosterer, Victoria, agreeing to take her on, her trust was soon gained. She went into labour a few days later, delivering four kittens.

After finding that her fifth kitten and placenta was stuck inside her, she was rushed to the local vet practice. Routine treatment was given, followed by an emergency C section. Her fifth and sixth kittens were soon delivered, found healthy and progressing well.

Unfortunately, although Gretel came around and was reunited in recovery with all six of her kittens, her health declined and the vet was unable to save her.
Glynis, a volunteer from Gwent branch said: "Her fosterer, Victoria, and I are completely devastated. It was a horrific experience for her with her first foster cat and she had done so well building up Gretel’s trust."

She added: "We had to find a hand-rearer to take on six newborn kittens thankfully, someone has accepted this challenge."

Although Gretel’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, there is hope that the six kittens will soon be ready to be rehomed.

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