Feral Cats in Need of Loving Homes

09 August 2017
Feral Cats in Need of Loving Homes The Bracknell and Wokingham district branch of Cats Protection needs help to find new homes for some of their semi-feral cats.

There are currently a number of cats in their care that need to find homes in either farms, stables, livery, small holdings or similar, and would make excellent rodent controllers.

Among the cats are one mum cat aged around two years old, and her kittens, pictured. The kittens will be 15 weeks old once they are able to rehome at the end of the month. The cats would be suitable for a stables or livery, where they will be able to exhibit normal cat behaviours. As they are closely bonded, it is particularly important that they stay together.

Pumpkin, a young female cat, is another in the Bracknell and Wokingham branch’s care. She has always lived outdoors and needs another outdoor home to go to soon. Additionally, there is an adult male cat that would be suitable for a farm or similar.

If you can offer any of these cats a home and live in the area of Bracknell and Wokingham district branch, please contact the Ferals Coordinator as soon as possible by emailing ferals@bracknell.cats.org.uk