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Cats and relationships - March 2017

01 March 2017
Cats and relationships - March 2017

A survey of 1000 people released to coincide with National Singles Day revealed that cats can play a key part in a lasting relationship and rate higher than fancy cars when choosing a potential partner.

While physical attributes such as good hair, nice teeth, pleasant scent and good physique rated highly when people were asked how important certain traits were to them when looking for a partner, being a cat lover was rated as more important than having a nice car or owning their own place.

In addition, nearly two thirds of people believed that owning a pet could enhance relationships with partners and/or family and over a third said they might or would be more inclined to date someone for a longer period of time if they had a close relationship with the person’s pet.

This suggests that while first impressions are important, being a cat lover could help a relationship develop further down the line.

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