Unique Cat Needs New Home

24 August 2017
Unique Cat Needs New Home She may appear to be all fingers and thumbs but Thumbelina is a delightful cat in search of a new home.

Known as a polydactyl cat, Thumbelina has an additional digit on each foot making a total of 22 compared to the normal amount of 18. She was found living rough in a garden in the Warrington area and is being looked after by Cats Protection’s St Helens Adoption Centre who are hoping to find her a new home.

"Thumbelina is a very special cat so we’re looking for someone special that will give her the love she deserves, says Kerry Kendrick who is the centre’s Deputy Manager.

"Although they may look a little unusual, the extra toes on Thumbelina’s feet do not affect her health in any way. Polydactyl cats can be found across the UK and some can have two or three extra toes on each foot. It is a genetic condition that in the majority of cases causes no harm to the cat whatsoever.

"There is a legend that polydactyl cats used to be ship’s cats and the extra toes helped them climb the rigging. It’s a nice story, but these cats do not have a greater climbing ability. It’s neither an advantage nor a disadvantage – just an unusual quirk of nature."

"Thumbelina has a big heart to match her big paws and she loves a fuss. She’ll make a perfect companion for someone special out there."

To adopt Thumbelina, please call Cats Protection's St Helens Adoption Centre on 01744 817 718. To view other Cats Protection cats in need of homes, visit www.cats.org.uk