Frankie's big adventure


20 November 2017
On a Sunday evening back in March 2015, Hayley Stanley’s beloved three year old cat Frankie came home with little black things in his beautiful white ears. Concerned for his welfare and that of their other cats, Hayley’s partner Tony took Frankie to the emergency out of hours service at YourVets, Canley, Coventry.
Frankie was never good in his cat carrier, he hated being caged in and always complained.
As Tony lifted the carrier from the car, one of the clips had come loose and in a flash Frankie escaped, running off under a parked car. Frantically, Tony tried to coax Frankie back to him, but he was difficult to see and it was late and dark outside. Feeling panicked, Tony called Hayley to explain who raced to help with the rescue mission, but poor Frankie had disappeared into the night, nowhere to be seen.
Feeling distraught, Hayley posted onto Facebook that her precious Frankie was missing. She also posted on every cat site hoping beyond hope that someone who had seen the posts might have seen or indeed found him. 
Night after night they went back to where he had been last seen, armed with Frankie’s favourite treats to try and tempt him. They put up missing posters everywhere, visited the offices near to the vets in the vain hope that he was was hiding out there, but to no avail. 
Frankie soon became quite famous. Everybody was looking for him and routing for Hayley and Tony to get their boy home.  There were several sightings but upon investigation they all turned out to be false alarms and after months of searching they started to lose hope of ever seeing Frankie again. 
A year later they were thrown another lifeline. Hayley saw a post on Facebook with her name on it. The sender, a lady walking her dog, thought she had seen Frankie near the cemetery on London Road, Coventry. The cat had been seen many times but ran off before a photograph could be taken, but with patience, a picture was secured and as it bore similarities to Frankie, Tony went to check out the sighting armed with the treat jar again. Sadly, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack and eventually he had to admit defeat! Was it Frankie? Would they ever see him again? Would they ever know his fate? 
The months and years passed by and Frankie never returned. He was never forgotten and always in Hayley and Tony’s thoughts, but the leads had run dry and they never thought they would see him again, that was until last Sunday!
On Sunday evening Maireade McMenemy posted on Coventry Lost and Found Facebook page, asking if anyone recognised a black and white cat with very blue eyes which had been found in her garage in the Whitley area. With the usual exuberance of those on the site, the post was being liked and shared far and wide. People were commenting, suggesting possible owners and the team at Coventry Lost and Found set about trying to find a match.
The photograph rang a bell for one of the team, Sarah-Jane Swift, she recognised the very distinctive face and eyes and trawling back through old posts found the poster which Hayley had created for her missing cat Frankie. 
Hayley was advised of the likely match but before they could confirm for sure one of the team was sent out to scan the cat, you see Frankie had been microchipped and his details had always been kept up-to-date, so if it was him, they would know instantly! Maireade kindly fed and watered the cat and kept him safe in the garage whilst waiting for the volunteer to come and scan him .  
Finally, after two and a half years of being missing, Frankie was confirmed as being found! Hayley and Tony quickly jumped in their car and drove across the other side of Coventry to at last be reunited with their precious Frankie.
“It’s the best news ever...Christmas has come early” said Hayley.
Frankie is now back home in the heart of his family, enjoying the luxury of warmth, comfort, food and water on tap. 
Hayley added “He is so happy to be home, God bless him and we are over the moon, he was my first pussycat”.
If ever there is a case to support microchipping your cat, this is it. Without Frankie having been microchipped and more importantly his details being kept up-to-date on the database by his owners, the chances of reuniting them would have been remote. Cats Protection microchip every cat before they are adopted, but this is a lesson to us all, so if your cat isn’t chipped book an appointment with your vet immediately.