REGIONAL Colwyn & District

05 February 2016
Houdini This lovely cat was found wandering the streets with a collar wrapped round his neck and under his front right paw. It has taken nearly four months to catch him through various means as he has been very scared and finally on Saturday 30th Jan he was caught and taken for treatment. His collar was removed under sedation and his wound cleaned out. Pain killers and antibiotics given and he was neutered too. It is going to take months of  When he was trapped it turned out he was microchipped and his owners said they did not want him back as he was missing a few months and did not get oncare to ensure his wound heals and your support would be appreciated to donate what you can to help towards his vets bill and ongoing costs. with their other cat. He is being nursed back  to health having his wound irrigated with saline and manuka honey applied daily.

Please if you wish to put a collar on your cat, make sure it has a self release clasp.  The photo below shows the damage the collar has done.