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Media statement from Cats Protection regarding Booba the cat

19 August 2016

The following media statement is released from Cats Protection in regards to the situation surrounding Booba the cat:

"We were very sorry to hear about the situation with Booba because we understand how distressing it is to lose a cat.

Anyone who finds a stray cat has a duty to take reasonable steps to try to locate an owner and, in this case, we understand that in May this year, the RSPCA put up posters in the Cricklewood area as well as put details on lost-and-found websites and contacted microchip companies.  

Having been straying for two months, and being in the care of the RSPCA for six weeks, Booba was eventually passed to Cats Protection by the RSPCA so that we could find him a new home.

We checked a number of microchip databases without success so by the time Marine got in touch with us on 25 July Booba had been adopted.

Unfortunately we have no powers to compel the new owners to return Booba to Marine. We have been in contact with them to make them aware of the situation and will continue to offer to work with both parties in the hope of finding a solution. Each year we reunite over 3,000 lost cats with their owners so we’re very sorry that in this case circumstances have prevented a happy reunion between Booba and Marine."