Mature Moggies

Did you know that it takes twice as long for a mature cat to find a home in comparison to a kitten?

Mature cats are just as loving and playful as younger cats, it could even be easier to introduce a mature cat into your home. There are many fantastic benefits when rehoming an older cat, these include:

  • You can teach an mature cat new tricks! Mature cats can have a high attention span to allow them to still be trained despite their age. 
  • By adopting an mature cat, their personality has already developed which allows you to identify if they are fit for your home and family as their personality has already developed. 
  • A mature cat may have already developed a basic housing etiquette.
  • Mature cats often are more content and less likely to be mischievous in your absence. 

Mature cats are the hardest to find homes for and tend to be in our care for much longer in comparison to our younger cats. By adopting a mature cat you know you are truely saving a cats life. 

If you think you are able to provide our mature moggies a loving home, then please do contact us.