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Cats and Covid-19

01 August 2020

There have been reports in the press that the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed that the virus responsible for COVID-19 has been detected in a pet cat in the UK. Although this is the first confirmed case of a domestic cat testing positive for COVID-19 in the UK, it should not be cause for alarm as the investigation into the case suggests the infection was spread from humans to animal, not the other way round, and that this is extremely rare with only a handful of cases across ...

Paws To Listen Grief Support Service

04 November 2018

Cat Protection offers a grief support phone line, Paws to Listen.The service runs thanks to a team of volunteer listeners who will offer emotional and practical support to owners experiencing the loss of a cat. While they are unable to offer pet counselling, the team can provide a sympathetic ear to callers struggling to cope with pet-related grief as well as provide information about topics such as euthanasia, burial and cremation.The line is open between 9am...