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10 February 2020

Time for tea! Pawsome Afternoon Tea is back this April. Get together with friends, enjoy a little bit of what you fancy and host your own Pawsome Afternoon Tea to help cats in need. You could have a tea party at home, a bake sale in the office, or even enjoy a picnic outdoors if it’s sunny weather – it’s your choice. Whether you bake or buy some delicious goodies to share, the donations you collect will help us to give unwanted cats and kittens a second chance.Click Here to ...


01 March 2019

For Cats Protection Spring heralds the start of the kitten season. Every year our branch sees upwards of 100 unwanted kittens and their mums looking for homes. This is in addition to all the other cats from youngsters to oldies (and all shapes and size in between) who are also looking for homes. A female cat can in five years be responsible for 20,000 descendants - all requiring good homes. And, it goes without saying, a male cat is involved in this process as well! Cats Protection and all ...


01 January 2019

This is to explain why Cats Protection ask you to pay an adoption fee and how, by doing this, you are not only helping your cat, but the thousands of cats that need our care - now and in the future. We do everything we can to ensure your prospective cat has received only the very best standards of love and care whilst they were with us. While the love and attention they get comes free, other aspects such as any veterinary treatment, neutering and microchipping has to be paid for. That's why we ...


25 December 2018

UK mums are confused and concerned over the advice they receive about cats and pregnancy according to research conducted by Cats Protection. The study, which surveyed over 1500 mothers or expectant mothers through the website found that almost seven out of ten women admitted they were worried they could catch something from their pet while pregnant and 60 per cent were concerned that their cat could pass on an illness to their new baby. The ...


01 December 2016

A FLEA PRODUCT WARNING FOR CAT OWNERS! The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has published on its website a list of dog spot-on products that, if used accidentally on cats, can be fatal. For further information see The products listed (we have a copy if you would like us to email it to you) are intended for the treatment of fleas and ticks in dogs only. They contain permethrin, a substance that is safe for ...