Felix Tokens

05 March 2014

You can now donate your Felix Tokens to Cats Protection and benefit our branch! Just go to and choose to exchange them for a donation of cat food to Cats Protection. Once you have received the confirmation email from them, just forward the email to and tell them the name of our branch, the number of tokens sent (don't forget that they come in different denominations) and the date. The cat food will be sent to Head Office but the branch will receive ...

Feliway purchases

12 October 2012

Do you use Feliway? If so, then you can help us to raise more money for the branch. Ceva, the manufacturers of the product have arranged for a sales website to be designed specifically for Cats Protection called It can also be found through the links page on the main CP website All Feliway products can be purchased through this website and £1 per product sold goes directly to the charity. There is the option to select the CP branch or adoption centre ...