The 2.6 Challenge

26 April 2020

Like so many charities, our fundraising has been severely hit by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our shops have had to close and many fundraising events have been put on pause. Which is why we think The 2.6 Challenge is the cat’s whiskers! It’s a national, virtual challenge set up to help save the UK’s charities. But we need your help. Get involved The 2.6 Challenge launches on Sunday 26 April (the same day as the London Marathon - the world's biggest one-day annual ...

Selling or giving away a pet?

18 November 2019

Warning: Pet owners, who intend to sell or give away their pets by advertising on social media sites, expecting them to go to a good home, need to be aware that experience has shown there is a chance that their pets could suffer a horrific death as a result of being let loose with dogs. Obviously, this is likely to be a rare occurrence, but it is a realistic one nevertheless. If anyone becomes aware of any such suspicious activity, please report it to the ...