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17 reasons why we love black cats!

If you're an owner of a brilliant black cat or black-and-white cat, you'll be only too familiar with how great they are.

Today is National Black Cat Day, giving us an opportunity to celebrate what makes these fantastic felines so unique. If you ever needed a reason to why black cats rule, here are some of our favourites:

1. They make excellent companions

2. They can be surprising

3. They've got plenty of attitude

4. Some are chatty

5. They like to test the laws of gravity

6. They're curious

7. Sometimes overenthusiastic

8. Some are lazy

9. Others are inventive

10. They're often observant

11. They can be keen on their food

12. While others are happier with water

13. Some black cats love the limelight

14. While others prefer to be able to hide

15. Some are playful

16. While others prefer to rest

17. After all, being a cat is tiring work

All black cats have their own individual character and charm, making them great pets to own. However, black and black-and-white cats take, on average, 22% longer to find a home than cats of other colours.

If you want to join in with the celebrations for National Black Cat Day 2016, head to the website to see how you can get involved.

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