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Keep stray or feral cats warm and dry with ideas for building a DIY outdoor shelter

Stray and feral cats can often find it difficult to find warm and safe places to sleep, especially during the cold winter months.

Feral cats are cats who have not been socialised to humans as kittens and are considered wild animals who would find living in a domestic home stressful. They live outdoors, usually in colonies with other feral cats, but will often seek shelter somewhere quiet and under cover when it’s cold or raining.

black-and-white long-haired cat peering over the edge of a roof

Stray cats are cats who have once lived in a domestic home but are either lost or abandoned. They may struggle with living outdoors and will want to find shelter during bad weather.

If you have found a cat, take a look at our guide to find out how to tell if a cat is feral or stray, and what do to next to help them.

Once you have taken the steps in our guide, you could also create an outdoor shelter for them to use if they want to.

Outdoor cat shelter ideas

To provide the cat shelter from the wind, rain and cold, you can use:

A plastic shelter is preferable to wood because it can be cleaned more effectively to keep it hygienic.

Keeping an outdoor cat shelter warm

tabby-and-white long-haired cat sitting on wooden log in the snow

Where to put an outdoor cat shelter

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