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I've found a cat, but how can I tell if it's a stray cat or a feral cat?

Have you stumbled across a cat in your garden or local park and are unsure what to do next? If the cat isn’t too willing to greet you, you might even ask yourself whether you should be approaching it at all.

National Microchipping Month banner for Cats Protection

As June is National Microchipping Month, we want to ensure that everyone knows what to do when they find a cat that appears to be lost. Our campaign, Whose Stray is it Anyway? offers advice on what to do if you find a cat, as well as the importance of getting your cat microchipped if you’re an owner.

With most cats inclined to wander, it can be tricky to tell if they are a stray cat, feral cat or even an owned cat with a friendly nature and a love for food! If you’ve noticed the same feline hanging around the area or looking disorientated, however, it might be time to do something.


Stray or feral?

To determine whether the cat you’ve found is a stray or feral, use our handy interactive tool.

Remember, if you find an injured cat, whether stray or feral, the quickest course of action is to take the cat to a vet or call the RSPCASSPCA or USPCA.

Contact your local Cats Protection if you need help trapping an injured feral cat. You can find your nearest branch when entering your postcode here:

For more information about National Microchipping Month, head to

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