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Saturday, August 18, 2018

These cats have been in our care for a long time – can you offer them a home?

Cats Protection has thousands of cats waiting for their forever homes, but sadly some stay with us longer than others.

It could be because they’re older, a little shy or have special medical needs, while for some it’s simply down to their colour. Unfortunately black cats take 13% longer to rehome than their more colourful counterparts, but beauty is much more than fur deep.

Through no fault of their own, these moggies get overlooked time and time again when all they want is a cosy home to call their own.

Could you be the hero they’ve been waiting for? Meet some of the poor pusses who could be your new feline friend…  


black and white elderly cat in adoption pen

Ten-year-old Smudge was found as a stray and has been at our National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex for more than five months. This handsome boy is inquisitive, playful and loves attention. He would make a wonderful pet and, with the right introduction, could live happily with children. If you can offer Smudge a home, email or call 01825 441 330.



white cat sitting on adoption centre floor

Tink is a mature moggy at 15 years old and arrived at our National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex when his owner moved house and could not take him with them. He has been at the centre for over three months but is very friendly and would love a garden to explore. If you can offer Tink a home, email or call 01825 441 330.



black cat

Nine-year-old Lovey has sadly come into the care of our Bridgend Adoption Centre for the second time, as the person who previously adopted her had to return her. She's an affectionate cat, but on her own terms, and would suit a home where she can be an only pet and there are no young children. If you can offer Lovey a home, email or call 01656 724 396.



black and white cat with yellow eyes

Pretty Pippy is 11 years old and has epilepsy, so needs an understanding owner who can give her medication every day to help control her condition. She came into our Bridgend Adoption Centre almost two months ago when her previous owner had to go into care. If you can offer Pippy a home, email or call 01656 724 396.



white and tabby cat lying on carpet

Muggins is a four-year-old ball of energy and hasn't coped well with life in a pen. He has been at our York Adoption Centre for over four months and desperately needs a home where he can run around and enjoy himself. He can be a bit of a handful so needs experienced new owners who know how to deal with excitable moggies. If you can offer Muggins a home, email or call 01904 760 356.



black and white cat in rescue centre pen

Two-year-old Rose is lively and quirky and needs a loving home where she can burn off some energy. She's affectionate on her own terms and extremely playful but will let you know when she's had enough. She’s been at our Exeter Adoption Centre for around five months and didn’t get on with the young children in her previous home so needs somewhere with older teenage children or none at all. If you can offer Rose a home, email or call 01395 232 377.



elderly tabby and white cat in rescue pen

Golden oldie Lollie has FIV (the feline equivalent of HIV) and so needs an indoor-only home where he is the only pet. He’s 13 years old and came to our Exeter Adoption Centre after getting stressed in his previous home, where there were lots of children and dogs. He has been in our care for nearly three months and just needs a nice relaxing place to stretch out and snooze in peace. If you can offer Lollie a home, email or call 01395 232 377.


Cagney and Lacey

black cat with black and white cat on blanket

This mother and daughter duo are in need of a new home together as a result of the death of their owner. Currently being cared for by our Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough & District Branch, they have been searching for a new home for four months. They lived alongside another cat for a while and found the experience stressful so they will need to be the only cats in their new house, although they could live with calm dogs. If you can offer Cagney and Lacey a home, call 01892 516 377 or get in touch here.



tabby cat sitting on box

Ten-year-old Zeus is on prescription food to prevent urinary tract discomfort, so needs an owner who can invest time and patience in caring for him. He arrived at our Wrexham Adoption Centre over three months ago after getting stressed by the arrival of a new baby in his previous home, so would need to live with no other children or pets. If you can offer Zeus a home, email or call 01978 313 574.



tabby cat in rescue centre pen

Gloria is five years old and can be a nervous girl who needs time to build a bond. She can be quite affectionate, but she's also independent and likes things to be done on her own terms. She was given up because her previous owner was severely allergic and has been at our Wrexham Adoption Centre for over three months. She would suit a mature household where she can be the only cat in the house but, with a slow introduction, could live with a calm dog. She also needs a home with outdoor access as she likes to spend time outside. If you can offer Gloria a home, email or call 01978 313 574.



black and white cat in adoption centre

Credit: North News

Chuckles has a congenital narrowing of her windpipe, which doesn’t affect her too much but causes her to have a bit of a wheeze if she gets stressed. She also makes a ‘chuck’ sound when she eats, which is how her previous owner came to name her Chuckles. She is 10 years old and has been at our Tyneside Adoption Centre for over three months, where she is waiting for a quiet home to relax in. If you can offer Chuckles a home, email or call 01916 531 052.



old black cat with green eyes

Eight-year-old Lily was found as a stray and has been at our Tyneside Adoption Centre for over two months. She has a very sweet temperament and loves everyone she meets so would make a wonderful addition to your home. If you can offer Lily a home, email or call 01916 531 052.


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